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Sibling Piggyback

Awakening Healthcare

Awakening Healthcare was founded by a physician (Ruby Shah) and a patient (Stephanie MoDavis) who shared the same vision for the future. The mission of Awakening Healthcare is to help recenter the healthcare system around self-knowledge and self-governance.


In particular, Ruby and Stephanie believe that the medical field is dominated by left brained (analytical and scientific) thinkers and have a radical under utilized resource in the experiential wisdom of the integrated patient.

The core of Ruby and Stephanie's mission revolves around the fact that a purely left brained process is devoid of holistic intelligence. Awakening Healthcare seeks to find a balance between the left and right hemisphere of the brain. This increases emotional literacy and creative outlets for patients to find meaning within and around their illness experience.

Awakening Healthcare achieves these goals by supporting healthcare workers, speaking at universities like Texas A&M and the University of Houston, and pioneering free programs and courses for healthcare workers.

Stephanie and Awakening Healthcare are working on the implementation of the trained subjective experiencer, a term Stephanie coined, into a multitude of institutions and healthcare teams.

It is Stephanie's north star to have a trained subjective experiencer implemented onto every organ transplant team along with other complex management teams.

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