If not now, when?

Sibling Piggyback

Regenerating Healthcare  is a not-for-profit healthcare reform entity, co-created by a physician and patient who found they shared the same vison for the future. Our goal is a system where all can evolve and thrive.

Our mission is to help re-center the healthcare system around self- knowledge and self-governance while empowering both practitioners and patients to participate in their healthcare as a means to evolution.

We are achieving this through various, deliberate methods:

Supporting healthcare workers to build better systems

Supporting education and innovation in health systems

Building and implementing an Evolutionary practice model as emobodied by Evolv.

Traditional medicine has evolved into a phenomenal force with state of the art treatments and cures we could not have dreamed of some few years ago, however the healthcare system may have outpaced the lesser understood skills also needed in healing and many areas remain fragmented. We invite you to broaden your perspective of what is possible.

We work with those seeking evlolution and integration in traditional healthcare, self devlopment industries, human design ventures, and spirituaity/consciousness to improve our integrity as healthcare providers.