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Awakening Healthcare offers space for a holistic framework amongst healthcare culture for those seeking. We understand that the Western Model of Healthcare has left little time for humanity when our fellow travelers need care the most. We invite the process of integrating via creative, emotive, relational, and spiritual outlets.

Our goal is to increase healing potential and inner peace through the understanding of our light while providing space for honest self inquiry to release repressed feelings and struggles.    We encourage patients to find meaning in their illness experience. All  while enhancing conscious self development to move forward connected to something greater.

We also work with healthcare workers and speak at universities to promote our philosophy of holistic cognition and compassionate care.

We aim to encourage systemic change by the implementation of the subjective experiencer as a source of experiential knowledge for newly diagnosed patients. We train peers to reenter the system while working with the team to properly welcome this invaluable resource to the healthcare environment, Where inner wisdom, mythos, and alchemical transmutation still lives.

Your illness is your initiation, not a flaw.

We pilot programs as hospitals and academic institutions.

Awakening Healthcare was forged by a patient and physician in 2020.  Together they recognize they have similar needs and opposing yet complimentary wisdom. 


Grow Your Vision

We nurture space for honesty and integrity.

We have a powerful internal compass that we listen to and nurture. It points us to honesty, virtue, and empathy. We consider the impact of our work on humanity, the medical field, and the future of both at every step, understanding that we are accountable for our actions. We believe there are ways to provide more holistic CARE for our fellow humans.

We support Game B dynamics

We pursue potential.

We are advocates for the power of authentic connection to heal . We work with clarity, empathy, and experience unafraid to take the necessary risks required to help more patients and providers.

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