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Free Online Bi-Weekly Event

Modern Woman Gathering
sharing our unique vision for the future utilizing the inner union framework

Next Meeting: Saturday 11/11.    10:30am-Noon Est.
Topic: Demystifying Addiction: Women and the many faces of addiction
Presenter Addiction Specialist,
 Kathleen Furness

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Woman in Dress on a Mountain


For Women seeking an authentic tribe of like and different minded peers to learn and grow with.

We feature a diverse presenter each month on topics that help us evolve physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We are the foundation stone for our children and the future.

If you would like to apply to be a speaker aligned with our mission, reach out to me directly at:

Woman in White Suit


 An entire universe of creative forces lie within us.

Outside of our usual and beautiful suspects that define what modern society perceives as beauty, lie a fertile pasture of infinite creative expression to help women stay connected to source.

We feature anything that you can imagine that lies within and outside the realms of helping women stay beautiful, soft, confident, and powerful to express our feminine range.

Fashion Woman

For visionaries, ordinaries, pioneers, stay at home moms, rebels, ladies, iconoclasts and traditionalists.

We Are All Modern Women expressing our authentic feminine range. 


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