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The Heart of The Feminine

My name is Stephanie MoDavis

Stephanie's focus is to initiate and hold space for self healing and inner transformation. She has  spent over 25 years in the dual role of healing practitioner,  (as a yogi and mentor), and experiencer as a patient. Her awakening occured in 2006 and amplified exponentially in 2015.

She knows fully the consequences of living in fear and unconscious mental patterns. She has learned to walk between worlds of eastern and western traditions while advocating for holistic intelligence, self healing and modern implementation in the West. She has experienced and acknowledges her spiritual awakening and integration process were as if not more challenging than years in kidney failure and living on dialysis. She embodies what it takes to alchemize our mental shadows into balance, our true nature.

 She utilizes her story to inspire others to incorporate inner work via self awareness and integration.  A medical activist for patients and providers alike, she holds space for emotional, mental, and spiritual support within the healing process. 

She introduces and guides organizing principles such as hemi-sync, human development, initiation and integration, breaking complex mental patterns, polarity mentorship, and the spiritualization process into our new era of conscious awareness that's rooted in a healthy mind and heart.

It's a new timeline and a new life. 

If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light

Matthew 6:22

  •  Cofounder YogaMos Yoga Studio, 2009.

  • Founder Urban Yoga, 2018.

  • Cofounder Awakening Healthcare 501(c)(3), January 2020.

  • Co-Author, Peer Mentor Handbook, how to work with teams and patients 2021.

  • Co-Author, The Emotional Aspects of Transplant Handbook, 2021.

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