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The Wisdom of the Feminine


Stephanie has spent over 20 years in the dual role of practitioner and experiencer. She walks between the worlds of eastern and western healthcare advocating for holistic intelligence and modern implementation. She introduces organizing principles such as hemi-sync, trauma integration, complex pattern recognition, and self-awareness working with patients, providers, and teams. She coined the term, subjective experiencer, as a means to provide a human source of experiential wisdom for newly diagnosed patients within hospital environments. She has navigated her own healing journey while facing chronic illness that has long been in remission. She has gratefully received 2 kidney transplants.


  • Cofounder YogaMos Yoga Studio, 2009.

  • Founder Urban Yoga, 2018.

  • Cofounder Awakening Healthcare 501(c)(3), January 2020.

  • Co-Author, Peer Mentor Handbook, how to work with teams and patients 2021.

  • Co-Author, The Emotional Aspects of Transplant Handbook, 2021.

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