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Walter Russell: The Secret of Light

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Walter Russell (May 19, 1871–May 19, 1963) was an American artist, author, and philosopher who developed a unique cosmological and spiritual ideology which he called the "New World-Thought." He wrote a number of books, including "The Electrifying Power of Man-Woman Balance," "The Book of Early Whisperings," and "The Dawn of a New Day in Human Relations," in which he outlined his vision of a "marriage between religion and science" in which the laws of physics would be rewritten. He believed that weight should be measured dually, with an above and below zero, and that sunlight is not actual light from the sun.

In his book "The Secret of Light," he presents his philosophy, which is based on the principle of balance and rhythmic interchange between all pairs of opposite expressions in natural phenomena and human relations. He argued that this principle is the consummate art of God's universe of light and is also the law. He also used diagrams to illustrate his hypotheses, which are visually compelling but to many considered inscrutable.

Russell's wife, Lao Russell, was also an important figure in the New Thought movement. She was a gifted artist, and her illustrations and artwork were featured prominently in many of Walter's books. Together, they founded the University of Science and Philosophy, which was dedicated to teaching their ideas to others. According to the University of Science and Philosophy website, they also believed that the universe is composed of a single substance, which they called "Mind," and that this substance is the source of all energy and matter. They believed that the key to unlocking the power of this substance was through a process they called "cosmic consciousness," which they claimed could be achieved through various creative faculties.

“Man lives in a bewildering complex world of EFFECT of which he knows not the CAUSE.”

"Two-way sex conditioned spirals are the consummate individuals of all creation."

Truth is simple. Balance is simple. Rhythmic balanced interchange between all pairs of opposite expressions in natural phenomena, and in human relations, is the consummate art of God's universe of light.


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