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The Dance of Time: Internalization, Externalization, and our Collective Evolution

Life is a grand tapestry where individuals exist on diverse developmental paths. We find ourselves in different temporal phases of our journeys, sometimes delving deep within our inner worlds and at other times, vigorously externalizing our experiences. This fascinating interplay between internalization and externalization, akin to a cosmic dance, propels our evolution. In this blog post, we explore this concept, borrowing insights from physics, spirituality, and psychology, to understand how it fosters growth and compassion within the collective consciousness.

The Dual Rhythms of Inner and Outer Worlds

Internalization: The Journey Within (The feminine nature)

Internalization represents a phase where we turn our gaze inwards. It's a period of self-reflection, introspection, and inner growth. This journey takes us into the depths of our consciousness, where we unearth fragments of our identities, buried emotions, and hidden wisdom. This is where concepts such as shadow work, mirroring, and are the foundations of distilled alchemical transformation.

"The longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart." - Christine Evangelou

Externalization: The Expression Outward (The masculine nature)

Conversely, externalization is a phase characterized by action and outward expression. It's when we take the lessons learned from within and manifest them in our external world. Externalization involves creating, sharing, and connecting with others.

"Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it's inspiring." - Unknown

*A common pitfall is when we use our emotions are driving factors to create. Only when we converge following a distillation process and cleaning up our lives can we create consciously. This cultivates repeated patterns, often that include suffering, to reexamine and recapitulate in order to clean up our bias and heal our past. It has been normalized to get stuck in patterns where as the alchemical transformative process enables a great commitment to detangle oneself from the fabrics of trauma.

The Physics of Duality: Wave-Particle Duality

In the realm of quantum physics, the wave-particle duality principle posits that particles like electrons exhibit both wave-like and particle-like properties, depending on how they are observed. Similarly, our internalization and externalization phases showcase a duality—a cosmic dance of energy shifting between our inner and outer worlds.

This duality reflects our multidimensional existence, where we are both particles (individual beings) and waves (interconnected consciousness) simultaneously.

Collective Consciousness and Collective Unconscious

Collective Consciousness

Carl Jung introduced the concept of the collective unconscious—a reservoir of shared human experiences, memories, and archetypes. During the externalization phase, we contribute to the collective consciousness by sharing our unique experiences and insights. This exchange enriches the collective wisdom and fosters compassion as we connect with the experiences of others.

When we are expressing too erratically or out of emotional drive, we often contribute to the collective unconscious. This appears as the shadow world, the inverted, or the upside down coined in the popular Tv Drama, Stranger Things.

Collective Unconscious

The internalization phase delves into the collective unconscious, where we confront our shared human struggles, fears, and desires. By exploring this inner world, we gain deeper empathy for the collective human experience, cultivating compassion for ourselves and others. Modernity proves our polarities are at war with one another. We are finding it quite difficult to navigate within the milieu of our shadow miasmas.

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." - Carl Jung

The Cycle of Compassion

Understanding this cycle of internalization and externalization can foster greater compassion within us. As we navigate our unique journeys, we realize that others are on their own paths, with their own internal and external phases. Compassion emerges as we acknowledge these diverse experiences, empathize with one another, and celebrate the beautiful mosaic of human existence.

The dance of time—of internalization and externalization—represents the ebb and flow of our development as individuals and as a collective. By embracing this cycle and recognizing its connection to the collective consciousness and unconscious, we can evolve with greater compassion, empathy, and unity. As we move through these phases, let us remember that every step, whether inward or outward, is a vital part of our journey towards deeper understanding and interconnectedness in the cosmic dance of existence.

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