Law of Attraction's Missing Link

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

In a world that is "waking up" to universal truths and injustices more and more each day, there is a buzz-word going around I'd like to give my 2-cents on. Manifestation. How do YOU Manifest?

Seriously, HOW do YOU do it? Is it a pray? An intention? A magic spell? How often does it work? How soon? Is this simply another societal distraction from the fact that we feel unfulfilled and we are potentially dangling yet another carrot in front of donkey's face in the hopes of enlightenment, fulfillment, joy, and endless income? Hyped language that if we repeat until redundancy will save us all??

Look- I don't mean to be a buzz-kill here, but I think it is time that we get real. Like "real" real. I have been guilty of sorcery around this mysterious phenomena myself. And I will be the first to admit, it DOES actually work. But something's missing.


What is lacking in my experience, is the perpetuity. It seems we can get lost in endless "spiritual tools" - days and nights of praying, meditating, yoga-ing, and posting cool Abraham Hicks gifs on SM, but it seemingly happens totally randomly if at all. Maybe, months or years later and often we completely discount and we can often downright have amnesia regarding what we had desperately attempted to manifest.

If, by chance we are present and aware enough to appreciate this "gift" from the universe when it occurs, we are amazed and often overlook the correlation of the power of our own contribution to our very own existence.

Below is a short list regarding my realizations regarding manifestation over the years.

By all means, my material is experiential. I do not take personal responsibility for your feelings regarding my journey.

It is your choice to read and I have come to understand and the value of dual opinions as a means of being triggered and or appreciating my perspective. And maybe simultaneously a little bit of both. Xoxo


The fact is we are a race where we feel the more we "do" outside of ourself, the more likely we are to be supported, liked, and taken care of. Often we run ourselves to the point of depression, illness, or worse -running around like a father late for his 1st child's birth trying to feel "good".