The Subtle Experience and Potential in Understanding our
Inner Awakening

​Have you had an experience with an awakening? Maybe a full-blown ambush in your life? Or more painful yet, have settled out of deeper pursuits due to a disbelief it can can any better? Maybe you are having difficulties making sense of it all?

First things thine ownself be true. 

We must stop lying to ourselves and find our courage to question, research, and surrender.

Nothing gets better if we continually loop in a life where we willingly sacrifice our soul and higher self for comfort, fear, or security.

Maybe you are subject to states of dissociation, lost in auto-pilot, all while masking with a persona that all is fine? Perhaps you've tried many approaches to move beyond or forget certain thoughts or circumstances, with no real sustainable shift or clarity as to why it all happened? The understanding feels beyond your reach, just out of grasp. Often the deepest challenge lies around fear of sharing our process with our loved ones due to the complexity and the all encompassing aspect of it. Having support from an aware mentor at the very time our whole life seems to be under review by ourselves is helpful.

You are NOT alone. Welcome to your spiritual awakening! This phenomenon is a real happening and is not new. Spiritual happenings have been occurring forever under the guise of literature, esoterica, christian mysticism, allegory, and more. It has been complex to translate the often abstract process especially when the integration and embodiment has not grounded. And often we are simply afraid to be honest at the peril of another's judgement. What is novel is the amount of souls at this time in history that are experiencing it.   Often we are simply afraid to be honest at the peril of another's judgement.

 If some of this rings true, you are in good company.  

Do not turn away from yourself when it gets hard, the answers you seek are within


The emergence of the sacred feminine principles for practical application in your life and career


As a uniquely skilled guide with an extensive experiential journey, Stephanie nurtures and facilitates spiritual growth using whatever means best suit each individual participant. 
The work includes, energetic transmissions, breath-work, self-inquiry, emotional introspection, transmuting mental loops,  healing our masculine (awareness, logos) and feminine wounds (energy and love maintence), honest fellowship, prayer, and more are what you can expect in this field.
There is no specific goal. Merely a sacred space provided to realize our divinity as we are over the excessive focus on striving to attain something we are not. Living fully aware in service to the whole over egoic status is the way to liberation inside and out.
Life is meant to be lived and honored, for all it entails. It is her hope for all beings to feel free even amongst our greatest challenges and growth phases.
Open to your direct experience and know your power lies within your perception and ability to find transcendent authorship in all things.  You are not just your experiences, you are the observer of all experience as a reminder that we are much greater indivually and true change occurs together from this awakened perception. 


Herbal Tea

Human Spirituality

Support and fellowship to surrender to your awakening

Soothing Bell

Sacred Union

Understanding the union with self(s) and spirt

Burning Incense


Sacred Heart Intelligence 

You are one

Wooden Carvings in a Monastery


Courage and wisdom to commune with love