The spiritually Integrated Woman Workshop


























This powerful 3-session online workshop invites women of all walks of life to come together in a community online setting to collaboratively heal, grow, and come into an Empowered State of Mind.


This workshop will address deep subjects that promote awareness about what it means to be empowered, awakening to the deeper truths of the ways we use our innate feminine powers to support relationships, but also ways we use false feminine skills to disempower others. (Insert Course Correct Here!)

This workshop is intended to heal and bring true awareness to what it means to walk the path of the SPIRITUALLY AUTHENTIC WOMAN. (This information is NOT what you've been taught, it penetrates to provide sustaining results)

An authentic woman knows her inherent skills to assist others, collaborate, create, and stand in her power in regard to her mission. Unfortunately, we have been living in a world where our masculine and feminine energies have been grossly imbalanced. We will also touch on the Authentic/False Masculine.

This workshop will supply tips, tools, and a skill set to effectively assist in incorporating your very own AUTHENTIC feminine power into your life


The session times are as follows:

To be announced...


All classes will take place online.