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Inner Awakening

​Have you had an experience with an awakening? Maybe a full-blown ambush in your life? Maybe you are having difficulties making sense of it all?


You are NOT alone. Welcome to your spiritual awakening! This phenomenon is real and not new. The deepest challenge lies around the fear of sharing our process with our loved ones due to the complexity and the all encompassing aspect of it. Having support from an aware mentor, like Stephanie MoDavis, at a time when our whole life seems to be under review is helpful.

Traditional psychology often has little to no awareness in this phenomenon and often the beginning stages can be diagnoses and medicated to the degree where it can stifle our process and back up our energy.*

Don't turn away from yourself when it gets hard. Stephanie is happy to see you if you are willing to be seen.


*Use your own discernment as every case is different; medicine and traditional therapies have their place.


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