Conscious Self-Knowingness

Potentiating the field of human healing and regeneration for healthcare providers,  healers, and future leaders


Human life is Divine, not only in terms of its potentiality, but because it is a perfect manifestation of all divine impulses of nature, reflected throughout our human physiology as the universe incarnate.
~I. Kufayev


Stewarding the emergence of spiritual connection and recalibration for healthcare professionals and patients

The principle or law that orders the universe and essential function or nature of things.

There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.

Dharma. Generosity. Grace 

Better ways exist.

Learn to allow and permit yourself to feel alive again.

Find knowingness in your intuition. 

Discover trust in yourself. 

 Open your heart and cultivate thriving relationships and community as we stand in the midst of great change. 


We are face to face with various meta crisis and stewarding a paradigm that can contain the developmental lens coupled with the timeless feels most accurate.


We must individuate to the degree where we know ourselves and can truly serve through the form of Agape and Intelligence.

"In Christianity, agape is unconditional love, "the highest form of love, charity" and "the love of God for man and of man for God". This is in contrast to philia, brotherly love, or philautia, self-love, as it embraces a universal, unconditional love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstance"


Give it all we can honestly to help rebuild our culture.

Through the reunification of an opened heart with our awakened mind we create our path into the field and  free ourselves from reversal codes, fear and limiting beliefs that keep us unconsciously looping in seperation tactics. We must remember we are powerful beings of light with the potenial to birth a regenerative collective epoch.

The field is a divine space where we have the opportunity to co-collaborate and liberate our spirits and live as our true selves.  The space that exists between our inner awareness and our outer reality mimics a container, bridge and mirror,  for the beliefs we hold.  The language communicated in this energetic field is that of feeling and depth of connection and alignment with our heart. This embodied alignment permits a greater opening to our ever present transcendent awareness  beyond matter and form while fully embodying physical reality.  This is the divine matrix.

We are tettering on culture wars that mimic asperspectival madness with one eye open and the other shut to our own ways we can be nihilistic , narcisstic, or overly hopeful to point of burnout. 

It's time to balance our scales.

The invitation is a recognition and release of the ways in which we are controlled and in stasis or unseen fear in favor of a complete expansion of consciousness via the portal of the heart to the divine.

"Before finding your place in the world, first find yourself, and there will be your place."  ~Zen Master Doshin Roshi'

 Our human mission is a return to  sacred love and connection, while standing courageously in right action in defense of a world in which all beings are free.

The core fundamental principle that lies within all of humanities hearts.

Your experience is the portal through which we discover the choice of perception. What we overlay on our life's circumstances. To transcend and grow is the goal.

This is our power and potential










Stephanie is a natural healing

 disseminator and messenger specializing in brain, heart, and spiritual awakenings.

 Guiding and holding non-judgemental space for integration and embodiment.

These divine happenings are our ultimate gifts with the oppourunity to unify our mental, emotional, and spiritual complex.

In this field all is possible.

Tele-Consulting:  Spiritual Awakening, Conscious Environments, Holistic Sytem Intelligence

Mindfulness:  Yoga, Meditation, Mental Health (Psycho-Spiritual Approach)

 Healthcare HealingTraumatic Recovery, CPTSD,  Spiritual 101, and Emotional Regeneration

 Courses for Professionals & Patients whom are humbly seeking more  out of our currrent healthcare model

Perspective. Power. Peace.

"Stephanie took me on an adventure to learn about myself. I dared to be honest.

In understanding myself deeper, I was able to forgive myself and harness my personal power. I knowingly stepped out of fear and walked into faith, knowing the universe has my back.

Stephanie’s exquisite blend of compassion and tough love guided me along my path. I freely shared my awakenings and realizations with her, delayering even more. Now, the joys and freedoms and discernment I experience everyday continue to lift my soul and I am washed in gratitude more times than I can count.

Love you and forever grateful!"-K. Griffen


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