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Stephanie is a renowned natural healing

provider and conscious disseminator specializing in translations,

brain optimization, (harmonizing the masculine and feminine polarity) and the authentic integration of the 

mental, emotional, and spiritual complex

Tele-Consulting:  Spiritual Awakening, Conscious Relationships, Transformation 

Mindfulness:  Yoga, Meditation, Mental Health (Psycho-Spiritual Approach)

 Specialist in CKD/Transplant :  Traumatic Recovery, CPTSD,  and Emotional Regeneration

 Courses for Professionals & Patients

Perspective. Power. Peace.

"Stephanie took me on an adventure to learn about myself. I dared to be honest.

In understanding myself deeper, I was able to forgive myself and harness my personal power. I knowingly stepped out of fear and walked into faith, knowing the universe has my back.

Stephanie’s exquisite blend of compassion and tough love guided me along my path. I freely shared my awakenings and realizations with her, delayering even more. Now, the joys and freedoms and discernment I experience everyday continue to lift my soul and I am washed in gratitude more times than I can count.

Love you and forever grateful!"-K. Griffen


For media inquiries, press mentions, sessions, mentorships, collaborations, or just to say hey, contact: 


(346) 397-0319