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The Art of Authentic Healing

The latent potential between the mystical and  pragmatic



 A SACRED Self-Healing and Integration program for systems

Stephanie mentors private clients and is affiliated with several organizations, assisting in spiritual awakening,  complex emotional integration and the implementation of new paradigm group and system dynamics. Stephanie's own journey of healing began over 20 years ago, and was catalyzed following a direct experience with oneness surrounding  extraordinary health and healing events .  She has operated 3 wellness studios that all focused on how understanding and embracing our direct experiences can completely shift our life when accurately understood and integrated.

"I have tried therapy, medication, I try to eat well, I pray, I do all the things I am "told" to do but I still don't feel well", was the running phrase she would gather within her client encounters. Stephanie understands, as that is what she experienced.  She discovered that authentic healing comes from within. There are ways to end the cycle of emotional upset, pain, depression and anxiety. Naturally. While exploring new ways to experience life with alignment, humility, right action, and gratitude.

Stephanie currently resides in Houston Texas. 

The most rewarding part of her work comes from educating and story telling regarding the rehabilitation of the sacred feminine energy amongst institutional settings.

Big change is all around us.

We are witnessing the breakdown of the old as we salvage

what worked while radically dancing  with what is to come.

Many are awakening to the awareness that which we devoted ourselves too is breaking down, transforming, or awakening. 






Stephanie co-authored: The Peer Mentor Handbook and The Emotional Aspects of Transplant

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I involve mind (deep psychology), right and left brain awareness (harmonizing the masculine and feminine energy within), emotional awareness and balancing, and tips for the body as we traverse dimensions of consciousness.

This system must embrace flexibility to change as we evolve.

Many "systems" today have been infected with dominant left brain synthetic ways of progress while being ultimately devoid of the acumen of holistic intelligence, power of nature, and quite frankly the love and light of GOD.

Modernity has proven we are deeply afraid of what we cannot fully understand or quantify.

Thus creating human states of normalizing fear, distrust, lack of discernment, and ultimately a world that is under control rather than living equally amongst an empowered society.

Often in our world we are on autopilot and find most of our lives we live in the conscious mind of beliefs and retrograde amnesia that lends us to over-analyze and create stories about our life that may be blocking us from deep intrinsic wisdom and ultimate states of remembering.

The Trap of Hidden Trauma (PTSD & CPTSD) in Modernity

Held back from freedom

What is trauma? Trauma is anything that overwhelms our capacity to cope and leaves us feeling helpless or hopeless.

We are still discovering better and personalized ways to reconcile trauma in a healthy, embodied, spiritual way. 

Many have mastered the fine arts of normalizing, compartmentalizing, and quite honestly simply lying to ourselves while accepting what is offered.  Thinking what we have is better than nothing and confirming that we should just feel grateful.

While we should be grateful,  this has also become a trope for unhealthy passivity which can lead into extremes of dis-ease, nihilistic, or martyrdom attitudes. We see the opposite extreme in the exponential growth regarding narcissism, and terms such as gaslighting. Bringing to light the ways in which our unconscious is becoming conscious typically begins in the shadows with the "self" responsibility often left out until last. Not to mention the looming mental health crisis.

Why has the world gotten to this place of unbalance and polarization?

Because many of us live day to day in a state of unintegrated trauma varying in degree along the spectrum.

This method invites a reunification with our heart and soul offering meaning via a healthy perceptual lens.  This process also can be used to utilize our traumatic experiences as a gateway to help others as a subjective experiencer.

An INTEGRATED peer mentor. (SEE more at


Better options exist.

Believe and stop betraying your soul.

Stop complying with suboptimal methods.

There are ways to overcome fear about how to move forward.

We will find and access the right resources for you through your personal assessment and story.

We will find what you need.

We will expand your perception of what is possible. Ways to navigate complex life issues without becoming them.

But it requires YOUR active participation. You have the answers you seek within 


You are the heart of this process.

You are creating your own system.

One that is re-connected to nature, our inner most being, communities,  universe, and GOD.  We all in fact are connected and more unified that we believe on an energetic level. But reality shows us that we are far off from having access to the same resources, not even close.

First things first, free yourself from traumatic memories that keep you looping and stuck cycling in re-living past memories and limiting beliefs. These run deep, are ancient, and very real.

We must believe we can create change by embodying the natural  INNER resilience we all have access to and integrate these past wounds to move forward.

This will take a shift in perception and a willingness to embrace a new worldview.

This is the beginning of our healthy autonomy and sovereignty and hence inner freedom.

Find your Voice. Distill your needs. Take Action.


Our healthcare system, amongst other systems of power are grossly behind in understanding and accepting how cultural issues, trauma,  past grievances, and the health of our social environments are actually a root cause of many of today's pressing health issues. Often the sad fact is this is how they profit. By keeping humanity stuck and even sick opting for one way forward and not the whole way forward.

Often provider's own unawareness leads to compliance of this contributory mechanism that leads to emotional limbic system hijack, fight, flight, freeze, and paralyzed mentally in low vibrational feelings. This is the toxic loop.

Awareness is Key.

Harmony is Health.

The mind is the matrix of all matter.

Stewarding the emergence of spiritual connection and recalibration 


















We are faced with various meta-crisis

Humans are suffering

Patients have been suffering with a lack of accessible resources

Providers and leaders now more than ever scattered amongst all fields are facing an epidemic of compliance and disempowerment to make the necessary changes they wish to see in their calling.

In order to steward a healthy environment for our future generations we must first start with reframing our own worldview.

Next we take the necessary steps to know ourselves, integrate our bias, blindspots, and shadows.

Next we find the others.

We must individuate to the degree where we know ourselves and can truly serve through the form of Agape and Divine Intelligence.

"In Christianity, agape is unconditional love, "the highest form of love, charity" and "the love of God for man and of man for God". This is in contrast to philia, brotherly love, or philautia, self-love, as it embraces a universal, unconditional love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstance"


It is only through love that are we able to give it all we can honestly to help rebuild ourselves and our culture.

This is what it takes to attempt  to birth a regenerative collective epoch.

*We are teetering on culture wars that mimic asperspectival madness with one eye open and the other shut to our own ways we can be apathetic, nihilistic , solipsistic, narcissistic, compliant, overly empathetic, self sabotaging,  or in states of victim consciousness and martyrdom.  all with with no clear vision forward.

It's time to balance our scales.

This is our prime invitation to gain awareness and mature!

"Before finding your place in the world, first find yourself, and there will be your place." 

~Zen Master Doshin Roshi'

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