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Welcome to Your Soul Awakening


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there. ~Rumi

 The indicator of any healthy culture or civilization is if it created room for healing 

Sacred Union - An unorthodox framework for facing fear and finding health; mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

We are on a soul journey to remember who we actually are beyond this beautiful yet fleeting human experience. It is possible to grown closer to your souls essence and flow coherently with love and understanding. As Plato said, courage is knowing what not to fear and Christ uttered the words do not fear over 70 times in the Bible.


Today's world often leaves us feeling disconnected from our deeper nature. We become imbalanced, prioritizing behaviors that lead us further from our essence. When we don't take time to align with our spiritual nature, we lose touch with our true selves. This myopia eventually impacts our health, wellbeing, relationships. The space within becomes stagnant and murky and we loose that deep sense of qualia within our beautiful shared human experience. 

Eventually, we must undertake the inner journey to reconcile the opposites warring within. (Who I really am and what the world thinks I should be). It is this inner conflict that builds tension, it permeates, externalizes, and often is the root of our ills. We infect ourselves and others when we lack this awareness of our innate wholeness.


This journey toward self-reconciliation restores balance with our spiritual nature, promoting profound wellbeing that takes an inside out approach.  The relationship with self, (know thyself) is the most important relationship one can develop as it attunes one's heart to God and Source. And this is where the wellspring lies.

My work is the living embodiment of my 25yr. process. It's never stagnant and always evolving, as I am.

I find that my work attracts those who require depth, intellect, radical openness, and authenticity. Often I hear they have already exhausted many mainstream avenues of what constitutes health or healing or they simply do not resonate with what is offered.

This work is for those who still believe in love; the mystics, visionaries, creators, and life artists.

At the very core of all stillness. The balance point where all creative forces converge. Here, we shed old, crystallized patterns and are reborn into higher octaves of being

A Remembrance of the simple and sacred
We must always seek ways to grow our capacity for love and awareness.


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