Transplant 2.0

New Paradigm Healthcare Healing

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This 6- week online educational tutorial informs those involed in the arena of organ transplantation. This psycho-spiritual approach offers methodologies and specialized  techniques systemized by 2x transplant recipient Stephanie MoDavis. 

This course is suitable for patients, donors, & medical professionals alike whom desire an in-depth understanding of the empowered patient persepctive and what that authentically entails. Stephanie, a Yoga studio owner of over 15 years, created this program as a means to cope with the emotional aspects transplant can bring forth. Reducing stress not just for the patient,  but to assist in the aftercare of the transplant recipient/donor.

Organ transplant is a complex journey that  has far reaching implications even post transplant. We all have different change resources, ranging from environmental, social, financial, emotional, and mental assets or lack there of. This program is to find your best new life with what you have while developing deeper insight/intuition coelesced with courage to seek out all you desire from where you sit currently. 

Stephanie'e hope is to provided  education and mind, body, soul skillset to ease this transition.

"Where you sit now is not your final destiny, but it is our starting place from which, if one chooses, to propel  from."