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Blue Flowers

The Subtle Art of
Transplant Inner Union
A Brand New Start.

Blue Flowers

HOW to Maximize our potential while facing our fears and chronic conditions.

WE have settled.

There is much more life to live.

This a self-realization program for patients who desire to explore the no-limits mindset while embracing radical authenticity and an openness of heart.

The big question: How to best move forward and what to feel while facing or healing from organ failure. 

I started this project because I recognized the oversight and dramatic lack of CARE for the emotional well-being of  patients. This program is comprehensive. Facing ourselves during our most challenging and live threatening events in life requires skill. A wing-it mentality or blindly being in autopilot will only cause more stress and confusion in the end.

We deeply address: 

-Our mental state and perceptions around our process

-Addressing our faith and trust along our journey

-Emotional processing

 -Facing our deepest  insecurities and shadows of living with chronic illness

-Ways to transmute the micro and macro traumas that we incur during our process

-How to navigate around the fears that arise

-Grounded approaches to integrate our experience so we can move forward in live or death.

True Resilience, Emotional Literacy, Courage to Change, and Confidence to begin again and get our needs met.


Many patients, when we are willing to be honest, experience vacillating between deep gratitude but often are overwhelmed by continual states of survival, fight or flight. Many patients continue to suffer with stress, anxiety, depression not to mention the day to day feelings around finances, work, relationships. Many remain on disability not knowing how to transform the trauma and pain into purpose and meaning.

Through my own 20+ year experience with autoimmunity and chronic kidney disease (I have been fortunate to receive 2 transplants over the years) and have faced 5 years on both hemo and peritoneal dialysis, I know the deepest feelings and emotions that arise.

I am boldly honest in sharing the shadows and feelings that feel too dark to share. I have openly sat in hell and by grace have retuned into the light with honestly, authenticity, and an articulation to help mentor others and provide support while they are there.

My 25 year experience as a yoga, meditation, and self awareness leader in my community and beyond has prepared me for this. This program is  maintenance of our mind, body, and spirit connection at it has been proven to be impressively  successful in my career owning and directing 3 wellness studios over the years.

Although the medical institutions have come a long way and attempt (hopefully) to strive for true care, we still have a long way to go following transplant.  We have yet to truly understand  the complexities of  varying types trauma, mind  body interconnection, and human transformation and integration in all its forms.

Various scientific papers suggest post transplant the aggregate of organ transplant patients suffer. Differently.

Why do I mean?


Transplant patients have greater requirements and needs that must be met.  We all come to this process with variables of "change resources".

I mean that the rate of anxiety, depression, fear, uncertainty, and lack of ability to find proper work is greater than the norm. Due to the complex feelings we have as well as the lack of true awareness of those around us we can feel trapped within our own head and ashamed or guilty we can't seem to figure it all out.   It is a paradox only the brave are willing to address and even admit. And the righteous, blind to their bias and privileged are quick to brag about how great they are doing.

The life saving gift is just that a gift that is part of sustaining our life. But what does it take to not merely sustain life but to find flow and grace while getting extra needs met?

What it takes often is not provided in the current model of healthcare and in fact most don’t even understand this concept because it has not been experienced by those whom have the resources to seek to knowledge. Knowledge and academia can only get us so far. There is another half of this whole.

Transplant, for those who resonate with this, have differing needs that may not be seen by those whom have lived under healthy resourceful conditions.  I am not speaking of finances only. Let's speak about what it takes to integrate an individual back into life fully after experiences a long standing trauma.

You only can acquire this recognition if you've lived it, amongst it, and integrated it fully.

Embodying your new life is going to require a new worldview.

Feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, broke, and broken is not normal after transplant as you may have been told by your professional care team. In fact it is not normal period. It is much easier to normalize dysfunction and highlight those unicorns (who may be bias and blind to the resources they have in their lives, healthy love and money being the predominant advantages in the transplant world. This denounces the potential from the aggregate and keeps the professionals satisfied in stasis believing this is the best they can do. We understand completely that complex emotions and mental health crisis are part of the process. But we do not believe that we have to remain in suffering with periods of joy. We are flipping the script into a much smaller percentage in doubt with a higher range in freedom and accessibility. We definitely will not normalize our mental and emotional health crisis's without even attempting to provide and implement actual resources that have been scientifically proven to change the way we feel about our lives.

WE must look to those whom have developed their own systems. Those whom have had very little but still have proved to thrive with energy and passion for life and what must be done within it. We truly care about your process post transplant or donation. We will stay until  can a deeper understanding and healing can occur to embody this new state of being.

As long as there is division between head and heart and a lack of integration and understanding, there can be inner conflict.
We ultimately can become stuck unable to realize our potential.
It is time we reclaim our soul purpose and heal within.
Our future lies within the conscious integration of our most painful and traumatic lived journey.

Transplant 2.0
New Paradigm Healthcare Healing

This 6- week online educational tutorial informs those invovled in the arena of organ transplantation. This psycho-spiritual approach offers methodologies and specialized  techniques systemized by 2x transplant recipient Stephanie MoDavis. 

This course is suitable for patients, donors, & medical professionals alike whom desire an in-depth understanding of the empowered patient perspective and what that authentically entails. Stephanie, a Yoga studio owner of over 15 years and student for 25 years, created this program as a means to cope with the emotional aspects while developing the mental fortitude that transplant can bring forth. Reducing stress not just for the patient,  but to assist in the aftercare of the transplant recipient/donor.

Organ transplant is a complex journey that  has far reaching implications even post transplant. We all have different change resources, ranging from environmental, social, financial, emotional, and mental assets or lack there-of. This program is to find your best new life with what you have while developing deeper insight/intuition coalesced with courage to seek out all you desire from where you sit currently. 

Stephanie'e hope is to provided  education and mind, body, soul skillset to ease this transition.

"Where you sit now is not your final destiny, but it is our starting place from which, if one chooses, to propel  from."

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