Stephanie MoDavis is the creative director of Urban Yoga Allentown (formerly YogaMos of the Lehigh Valley). The studio has closed as of 2018. After 15 years serving the Lehigh Valley, Stephanie desired to broadern her perception of what was possible. 

Following the challenges of a paradigm shift, she birthed Regenerating Healthcare, a 501(c)(3) entity, to offer the teachings of self awareness and personal development to those whom are involved in any aspect of healthcare. After having 20 years as a patient, she keenly observed ways in which the system as it exists today can be improved for better outcomes for practioners, patients, and anyone existing in the model.

She does see private clients on a minimal basis and holds online workshops .

If you are interested in an appointment, please contact to see current availability. Her purpose

is to offer hope and faith during the most challenging moments of our life via her own realized experiences. 

You are never stuck, just rather having an improper thought.

Change your life today.