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Stephanie's Approach


Stephanie MoDavis is a proficient in the realm of uncovering untapped potential and transforming limiting beliefs ingrained in the human psyche and soma. Her mentoring style is personalized in real time while offering compassionate listening and true friendship. She facilitates spiritual awakenings while addressing emotional processing of complex traumatic experiences. Stephanie conducts online classes and group sessions aimed at fostering spiritual growth, providing holistic peer support and facilitating integration.

Moreover, she teaches and performs; somatic therapies, yoga, meditation, bodywork and massage, and biofeedback which aid in reducing stress and mitigating the overwhelming effects illness and trauma have on the nervous system.

Apart from her teaching pursuits, Stephanie plays a vital role in mediating between patients, nurses, and doctors. Drawing on her passion to assist patients, and her own firsthand experiences as a patient, she is a compassionate listener who prioritizes the interests of the patients. Embodying the blueprint of the alchemical inner process, she facilitates that same activation in others.

Stephanie, in partnership with Ruby Shah, founded Awakening Healthcare, an organization aimed at forging a direct collaboration between physicians and hospitals to enhance communication between patients and medical professionals.

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J. Gold​ CEO & Strategist Gold Real Estate 

"I know I expressed this, but you are just a gift. I am glad I trusted my inner guidance along my path of finding my spiritual mentor. Our sessions are resonant and ripple and I trust this guidance implicitly. I am choosing to take care of myself, let go of what's not for me and "be" in the now every moment."

M. Marshall

"Stephanie by far is one of the most unique teachers I have ever experienced. Her process has a way of leading deep without dissociation. I have not met anyone who grounds and incorporates the spiritual teachings as she does. I hands down recommend her to everyone on the journey."

Kristina Haas Griffin

"'Seek Joy!' That's my mantra after my one on one session with Stephanie. Like many of us, life is complicated and sometimes painful. We have a role in our own lives and each day I am choosing and seeking joy. I attribute my shift in focus to my sessions with Stephanie MoDavis."
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