Stephanie MoDavis is the creative director of Urban Yoga Allentown previously YogaMos. She has been leading cutting edge yoga programs that emphasized not only physical alignment and anatomy but equally drew students inward to higher states of awareness and consciousness by facilitating authentic and embodied energy medicine.

    *Due to being called to assist the collective consciousness health movement, she has put the majority of the Yoga Business on hiatus. 

    If the correct student reaches out, she will consider holding a private session or training program if it aligns.

    Stephanie is a 500hour RYT and has been a student  body/energy coherence and teacher of yoga, meditation, and authentic spirituality for over 20 years.


    Her speciality being Conscious Body Yoga (specifically Yin for healing, Ashtanga for physical grounding, and Raja yoga & meditative practices to encourage and enlighten higher states of awareness thru connection to God.


    *Her work is her mission and only serious spiritual seekers and adepts will be considered.


    If you have questions or want to speak to Stephanie;