Teaching happens when people mirror or reflect back to you something you said or did and at some point the word teacher becomes irrelevant     -Stephen Fulder


There is so much more life to live and service to offer

Transform and begin living  beyond belief

I am accessible and when you reach out you will immediately be in contact with me. 


1:1 Sessions

-Complimentary 30min introductory meeting

-1 hour - 150.

-1 month spiritual ambush awakening support,  for those in crisis,  change, complication, transformation, career burnout, or soul counterpart (relational partnership) overwhelm - 495.

-Twin flame, Divine Counterpart, Feminine Integration sessions available upon request. Same price points as above.

 Connect to define your individual need access

Gentle yoga, breathwork, and meditation for stress, crisis, overwhelm, or healing

-1 hour online private session - 125.

-Transformative Gentle and Intermediate Yoga and Meditation 200hr. Certification process teacher training

 RYT(registered yoga teacher) Private Certification - 4,500. 

RYT Couple/Group - 3,500.

Stephanie adores to lead certifications for those whom are seeking to implement wisdom and alternative practices into their mission which may not already include these modalities; special rates for:

-healthcare professionals

-mental health professionals

-healthcare workers

-hospice professionals


-institutional leaders


-those undergoing awakening

-patients undergoing medical treatment

{The teacher training  yoga/meditation certification is a commitment for adepts and those seeking deeper clarifying wisdom. It is is highly specialized  and multi-faceted}

-Anatomy, alignment, trauma informed, saftey

-The body as a living energy template; chakras, emotional literacy, spiritual integration, and physical wellness.

-Practical application and business guidance 

*If money is an issue for what ever reason, do not hesitate to contact me. I understand and can work with you.  I would not offer this is I did not mean it. 


Leadership and System Civilization Upgrades : Connecting with our higher-selves and the science of life transformation

For leadership/group consultations prices will  follow initial  consultation and assessment of time/need/commitment.

We are at a unique time in history where the visionaries, mystics, and spritual leaders are being called upon and honored for their differing vantage points and integrity to assist in this global shift.

Stephanie's expertise is spiritual awakenings, brain heart coherence, natural law, and emotional literacy. She has online classes and group spaces where spiritual growth and integration are supported. As a futurist, she understands the importance of these awakenings and the need to integrate the totality of the happening.

We are living in a crucial time of need and opportunity to be of service in regenerating many aspects to steward a holistic integrous cultural paradigm

Stephanie adheres to the ASI code of ethics and values integrity and transparency

The truth is the whole


       Stephanie MoDavis  was the creative director of Urban Yoga Allentown (formerly YogaMos of the Lehigh Valley). The studio has closed as of 2018. After 15 years serving the Lehigh Valley, Stephanie desired to broadern her perception of what was possible.  Following her career as a yoga and meditation guide, she was led by divine call in advising as a growing  number of students sought out spiritual mentorship as an adjunct to their practice, career, and life.  She welcomed that call and began spiritual mentorship full-time in 2015. Her following  drew in individuals seeking spiritual integrity around transformation, trauma healing, relationsips, career and obviousy self realization and evolution.

She birthed Regenerating Healthcare, a 501(c)(3) entity, to offer the teachings of self awareness and personal development to those whom are involved in any aspect of healthcare in 2020. . After having 20+ years as a patient, she keenly observed ways in which the system as it exists today can be improved for better outcomes for practitioners, patients, and anyone existing under the model.

She continues to offer private and group sessions while hosting online meditation, embodiment, and  awakening workshops. The emergence of our personal power via spiritual integration will be the beginning of the worldview change we see.

We all have the innate capability to awaken our transcendent beingness in grounded form.

This is where we develop knowingness, ability to take right action while loving with grace.

It is our critical moment of choice.

email: StephanieMoDavis@gmail.com