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The Power of Authentic Femininity

Updated: Jul 16, 2022


I am a passionate personal development coach and spiritual advisor with a long history of over-coming and thriving with chronic illness.

I am also a visionary who encourages radical authenticity and promotes free-thinking.

Read at your own discretion, trigger warning always in effect.

Ladies, are you embracing your authentic feminine essence or wearing a masculine mask?

Authentic feminine energy is beautiful and exceptionally powerful. A woman never has to try to be the man to be respected, hold power and authority, and be valued. A woman can hold great authority by balancing her appropriate masculine properties with her graceful and truthful feminine aspects.

The majority of my clients, as myself have been diligently working to find more harmonization in their feminine essence. As many of us to have been brought up in a man's world and can often carry trauma in varying degrees from previous masculine energy, whether personal or collectively, we can carry a predominate in masculine energy to protect ourselves, that can lead to energy depletion in a female. In this abbreviated piece, I will discuss five ways in which we can embrace and embody more of our natural feminine essence.

“The self actualized woman does not rule the world. She is the world herself. And she creates a reality as she walks her own unique path.”

1. Embracing the tremendous power in openness and vulnerability. You are emotional beings and educating yourself and healing aspects that have been damaged and traumatized emotionally will offer great wisdom, clarity, and heart consciousness. Lead with love. Stop trying to be the tough one all the time. Often we create a facade (masculine mask) for false bravado, a false sense of protection, whilst our innate power of openness dissipates, leading to a woman who leads more with an inauthentic masculine essence. Very depleting over time.

2. Understanding that your emotions are a powerful indicator of when you're in alignment and they are meant to be honored when understood and expressed. Go with the flow and course correct with compassion. Don't be so hard on yourself, there is no one to compete with.

3. Recognizing that by simply being woman, you offer the world enough beauty without over emphasizing your physicality. You are the creative goddess and by your very nature you are magnetic and attractive, RELAX into more ease. Notice, do you find yourself participating in more masculine forms of fitness to gain “strength”. Can you embrace something more feminine such as Yoga to offer a Yin quality to your life? Again the goal is balance. So your routine can be an indicator of how your workout can be maximized for balance. For example, if you have a stressful action oriented job, practicing the art of meditation or yoga will provide Yin to your yang. If your job is more sedentary and relaxing, and introspective, maybe consider something a bit more active to find harmony and balance in your physical body. What's not suggested is if you have a very action oriented stressful job, and then choose leave work for CrossFit, and then wake up and run 10 miles. Do you see how this creates a vast action/masculine imbalance in your energy?

4. Realizing the feminine power in “holding space” and being introspective. Having faith in your knowing and trust in your inmate abilities and power, by just being you. Stop over emphasizing, correcting, and fixing, over-doing, over-analyzing, and over-being. And besides there is nothing sexier and more attractive than a woman who knows and embraces she is woman and is comfortable in her own skin

5. Feminine energy is about intuition - reflecting, feeling, experimenting, nourishing, empathy, compassion, creativity, inclusiveness, and collaboration. Having the utmost faith and trust in the process of her life. Understanding that not everything can be CONTROLLED, and there is divine action in every circumstance. Let go and flow.

Take time to look over this list and honestly check in to see how often you embrace these qualities. Of course this is a small example of many of the offerings of a divine female essence but the important thing to keep in mind is this; authentic divine feminine energy is exceptionally powerful - it is the link to the divine and the connection to all that is. We as women hold the power of creation. And when we fully embrace this energy, creation is ours for the taking not just in all our endeavors we wish to embrace here on earth. Femininity is never a weakness. It's a power and connection to the higher realms, to the cosmos, and to God source itself.

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