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The Contradiction in your Femininity

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Distressed women who deny recieving


I am a passionate personal development coach and spiritual advisor with a long history of over-coming and thriving with chronic illness.

I am also a visionary who encourages radical authenticity and promotes free-thinking.

Read at your own discretion, trigger warning always in effect.

The following article is to inspire you as a woman to seek deeper into ways that you may potentially be blocking yourself from what you desire. We're going to discuss the contradiction that can often unconsciously occur in strong woman. But first we're going to discuss the power of feminine energy.

Due to the rise of feminine empowerment that has arose in hopes to reclaim our value and power as women, we often can be misguided as to what true authentic feminine power/energy is. Let's start by discussing what feminine power is not.

Feminine power is not being aggressive. It's not being loud and insulting. It's not angry and it's not combative. It's not “trying to be the man”.

The feelings of feminine oppression can run very deep. We are still in the genesis of creating a world where we're honoring authentic femininity and more equality. (We still have a long way to go) We hold this imbalance in our genetic coding. It's literally in our DNA that this is how we've been treated in human history. So take that --add in the 3-dimensional aspect of relationship experiences and women often feeling undervalued, under appreciated, not seen or heard, and even abused. Of course it's going to be slightly confusing at first to regain authentic feminine power.

**NOTE —The very tendency of somebody who's tired of this shit often is to polarize in the opposite direction. This is not authentic empowerment. The authentic rise of the feminine hinges upon her recognition and desire to want to de-polarize and integrate all aspects of herself relating to the world. (A truly healed woman)

I want you to consider how you embrace receiving. Receiving anything. A compliment for instance. How does it feel when somebody complements you? Your looks? Your hair? Your weight? What about on your mothering skills?!? How does it make you feel when somebody offers to carry bags to your car? What about when your partner offers you oral sex? How good are you at taking help from others? Receiving?

I often find with women that I work with that we're not very good at receiving and simultaneously we're begging for help. For desiring and longing to be seen, to be heard, to be appreciated, to be valued.

We are at a unique time in history where we're reclaiming our feminine power but at the same time rejecting it.

Do you often find yourself saying;

I'll do it

I don't need help

Or the filtering the negative reel of emotions before we decide if a compliment will be rejected or accepted?

This has got to stop/

If so, you are rejecting the art of receiving and the very help and love that you may need. It's not weak to receive help. You're not less then --if you can't do it all. And you're still sexy if you are not perfect. As women, we're still learning how to understand that just by being us-- in our very essence and nature, we are enough. Let's go a little deeper into feminine energy

So what does true feminine energy look and feel like? And why is this so valuable in harmonizing ourselves as powerful women. Feminine energy begins within. Unfortunately the current paradigm is to over-emphasize the physical body and how a woman looks, over the wisdom she carries within. (You often see this on social media and it's a contradiction in itself, when women are demanding respect but simultaneously posting semi-nude pictures of them working out, Etc. It is like saying, “I demand respect and I don’t need you, but please satisfy my desire of physical self worth." This is confusing and a logical fallacy to say the least).

I would also consider the people you are associated with… are they valuing or externalizing your beauty or worth? I would consider rethinking your friends or partners if so. Someone who is considered being “awake” in society will be cognizant of the value of developing and attuning one’s inner ilfe while also taking care of the physical without over-emphasis.

After delayering oneself, when a woman has become in touch, conscious and has healed her inner wounds, her inner feminine energies —only then the external will illuminate no matter what.

Feminine energy is magnetic. Masculine energy is electric. So what do I mean magnetic- because again I'm not talking about your heels, your hotness or anything on the surface level. I'm talking about being illuminated from within. That essence a woman gives off when she walks into a room and simply by her showing up as herself the vibration changes without a word. The impression that one feels by just simply looking at her —they can't quite put a finger on what it is that so ”MAGNETIC”. That is TRUE magnetism, inner illumination— one that has very little to do with what you look like on the outside but more so how plugged in she is to the source energy and all that is. Embodying the natural power of creation. It's that quality that nobody can fully describe, because it's a deep feeling that is often unseen and mystical in today's more superficial physical world. But I will say this, when a woman's got it, you know IT. And it doesn’t matter if you're a man or a woman, straight or gay, you desire what it is that she owns and intrinsically knows.

If you think of the act of sex, the ability to recieve penetration, recieve pleasure, implantation, creation, birth --you will begin to understand ALL of the powers that live within you. And what is important to understand is this isn't limited to creating human life. This same principle/power applies to anything you want to create in your life whether it be a child, career or a home, the same principles apply it's just that often we forget just how powerful we are as women holding the feminine aspect.

The issue lies when women constantly fight against the masculine externally and internally, Trying to be the man and embracing a more exoteric lifestyle and forgetting the innate feminine power that lies within that's effortless and endless.

Women don't fight against your very nature. Educate yourself about what it means to embody authentic femininity and then invite your masculine to dance with your feminine energy within. There's no need to continuously row upstream when you have an endless natural source of illumination within that's ever giving. Consider a few of these words;













Lastly, I want you to consider and understand that by you being a woman you already are. Just by you being you you are worthy.

Are you embracing your sensitivities and understanding your feelings and offering your compassion to this world? When we do this will be the beginning of the true feminist movement.

Women and receiving.

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