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Letting Go and Letting God - Destiny is Bigger Than You, 2024.

Life for many in recent years has appeared to feel like an uphill battle. Singular “negative” events have fractured into every aspect our lives, questioning almost all our relationships and circumstances. No matter how hard we try to control certain outcomes and bend circumstances to our will, many have ended up frustrated and in doubt. We wonder, "There must be an easier way!”

The solution is not to try harder or strategize ways to manipulate people and situations. This is the mind wanting to control reality ultimately as a survival tactic where we are believing we are a victim to our circumstances. Real peace comes when we surrender our need for control and realize there is higher wisdom where we are an active participant in our struggles. This act of faith allows expansion and permits higher power's purpose and wisdom to guide us.

Stop fighting and trust there is an intelligent design to this existence - one far greater than your individual ego. You are exactly where you need to be on your soul's journey. Have faith that every experience serves a purpose in your spiritual evolution. This is often paradoxical to how the world seems to work. It can be very challenging to break out of the cultural and individual mind compartments we keep ourselves locked within.

When you release the need to micromanage life, you'll gain access to divine inspiration, synchronicity and unlimited potential. At first it feels unreal and impossible or even ridiculous. But as we continue to surrender and learn, limiting beliefs and perceptions will fall away when you ask a higher power to reveal truth. The truth may not always be what you feel is in your highest good but if you have a love of truth you will begin to understand all that appears to be in the way is actually your path to discovering your destiny.

Surrendering is akin to allowing the holy spirit to reside within you as pure love, peace and joy. By surrendering and listening to this wise inner voice, you experience the fulfillment you've been seeking externally. You realize you already have everything you need inside and life becomes less about seeking to attain and more about relying into being on your path.

So take a leap and let go of trying to control it all. Relax into the natural flow of life. Trust that God, the universe, or a higher intelligence is supporting you. Know challenges are strengthening you. Have faith the plan is perfect.

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