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Updated: Jul 16, 2022

3 considerations when navigating BIG change and awakening

We appear to be in the midst of some of the broadest polarities we as a human race have ever experienced. Politics, Gender, Race (still, ugh), and the list goes on and on. We have people caught up in expressing their rights, defending their history and even taking radical moves in hopes to initiate a much needed change.

Another view of this schism is pulling the polarity within and embarking of a spiritual path of sorts toward “awakening”.

“A spiritual awakening occurs spontaneously at a time when the divine feels you’re prepared to heal your inner polarities, outdated belief systems, and dissonance that’s out of alignment with your godly self”

We will be discussing primarily the latter and what it takes to navigate what happens in the physical or outer reality when we embark on healing from the inside out.

Just poke around Facebook or your local bookstore and see the rise of life coaches, spiritual practitioners, and self-improvement material. A main focus currently revolves around healing childhood traumas or subconscious blocks, the dynamic of empath and narcissist, and the ongoing battle between the “woke” and the sleepers. We know and feel that something isn’t right. We are opening our minds, hearts, and educating ourselves just in the ways which we were taught that may be distorted or for many of us the ways in which we weren’t taught.

The fact is “we are amongst one of the greatest times on earth for self healing”. We are getting tired of the blame game, fighting, and frankly getting our hearts broken.

Healing requires change. I’m going to say that again. Healing requires BIG change. This is often where we can enter into a push/pull dynamic where are soul is seeking healing but we’re in fear or resistance when it requires proper action to enter into that shift.

Here are 3 considerations when change is upon you:

1. Don’t be afraid to think critically before you jump into change. For instance you’re unhappy in your current relationship. Do you find yourself blaming your partner without taking personal accountability and considering changing aspects of your attitude to potentially mend the connection? “Runner” personalities will tend to bounce before they’ve honestly looked within often jumping into another connection only to find similar issues arise and often worse than previously. There are times where leaving a job, connection, or friendship is necessary. But feeling requires one to understand as well. Don’t be afraid to look at yourself and use critical thinking before you jump.

2. Be prepared to be uncomfortable. This is a temporary manifestation of change. If you despise being out of your element, evolution is not for you. The facts are if you are being guided to shift, you're going to have to take action. Also, this will require you to get clear about your needs and desires. For instance, if you have a love for materialism and comfort and you leaving a toxic job or relationship will compromise your comfort zone or assets, you need to weigh your options. I had a friend whom said to me, “This relationship is killing me, I am willing to leave the comforts of my home and sleep on your couch until we figure this out”. You must be willing to leave behind the familiar to embark on this healing journey.

3. Listen to your heart. There is a good reason we often hear this phrase in songs and writings. It’s true. Your heart has a wisdom and intelligence all of its own. It’s the truth of the matter. Often the head, over-analytical mind, will try to take dominion over your decision making. This may sound contraindicating to #1 which was to critically think. Keep in mind that critically thinking from a rational state is very different from stressing and making decisions based off of past trauma, experiences where things didn’t go your way, or being paralyzed often from FEAR. Taking time to tune into your heart will assist in the merge of you making a change and shift from a place of knowing. When you know what is true and are willing to take the sensible or sometimes nonsensical actions to find your alignment, peace and authenticity you’ve truly began your process to peace, sovereignty, and happiness.

I do not know why exactly this is the time of healing. But I do know it is necessary and evident that humans are desiring peac, authenticity, and love. There are so many embarking on this process of inner healing and it’s important to state you are not alone. Although isolation is often a very necessary part of healing, it’s also good to hear this from someone else to know that... NO, you’re not crazy. You are simply coming home to your true self. This divine state of love for self, others, and God.

We are all walking each other home -Ram Dass
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