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Energy and Emotion: The lost commodity

This prioritization of economic commodities and external material gain over energy and emotion has lead to societal imbalances we can not ignore. We are disconnected and confused… seeking truth and our moral compass. There’s no doubt it has contributed to environmental degradation, mental health issues, and social inequality that has distorted into states of inversions of order while we are often prioritizing the shadow, due to emotional ill-health, over what’s right. Many hidden and afraid to step up and voice our thoughts and stand for what's right.

It's important to recognize the value of energy and emotion and to prioritize and highlight them alongside economic commodities in our personal and societal values. By doing so, we can create a more balanced and sustainable world that values all aspects of our well-being, including our emotional and energetic needs. It’s no question, material and financial commodities are critical contributors in us feeling stable and safe to meet our basic needs. But we have lost the balance and now are suffering the effects of a society out of balance with holistic well-being,

Energy and emotion are two commodities that are intertwined in a complex dance that has been tertiary to the money and power we wield. Loosing sight of the critical nature of balance and ebb and flow as we see demonstrated in nature. Even nature has had enough and it's us, we created a radical imbalance. We avoided to respect the power the link between energy and emotion and the slow burn has exposed itself demanding to be heard.

Energy and emotion are like two sides of the same coin, constantly influencing each other, shaping our experiences and impacting the world around us.On the one hand, we have the energy we consume in our daily lives. We use it to power our homes, our cars, our workplaces, and our devices. Without energy, we wouldn't be able to do much at all. But on the other hand, we have the emotional energy we carry within us. It's the fuel that drives us forward, motivates us to take action, and gives us the strength to overcome challenges. We rarely give the inner process the credit it truly deserves. We are living in the effects of our ignore-ance from our causal contributions.

Yet, in our pursuit of capital and wealth, at the behest of nature, we have lost sight of the delicate balance between these two commodities. We've become so focused on acquiring material possessions and accumulating wealth that we've forgotten the importance of nurturing our emotional energy. As a result, we're faced with a societal imbalance that manifests itself in various forms. Our environment is 2 fold, and both our environment and our internal nature is suffering.

We see it in the way we treat each other, the way we interact with the world around us, and the way we prioritize our own needs over the needs of others. We see it in the way we consume energy without considering the impact it has on the planet or the people who live on it. We see it in the way we exhaust ourselves by chasing after success without taking the time to recharge our emotional batteries. It is a small percentage, in my opinion, whom have traversed the depths of their own soul and inner sanctum to