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Corona. Your reaction is your opportunity

Updated: Jul 16, 2022


I am a passionate personal development coach and spiritual advisor with a long history of over-coming and thriving with chronic illness.

I am also a visionary who encourages radical authenticity and promotes free-thinking.

Read at your own discretion, trigger warning always in effect. Enjoy.

Today I will discuss a perspective maybe you’ve not thought about but one I highly suggest you consider.

First I question, how have your emotions and thoughts been since the sudden rise of the pandemic corona virus?

When in fear, thinking outside the box or rising above is virtually impossible. But just for a second, stop and observe how you have been over this last week.

There is much discussion already the impact of FEAR on our society. But the real question is what are you afraid of?

Corona Virus, what is your greatest concern?

Sit. Take a breath. Clear your mind. Then ask yourself or better yet feel where your thoughts and potential fear lies.

That is your point of origin to gain a valuable perspective on where you can heal or do self-study and practice spiritual hygiene.

Is it your business and loosing finances?

Is it being supported or supporting others?

Is it that you’ll run out of resources, food, or toilet paper?

Is it that you’ll contract something that you cannot control?

Is it that you're drastically down-playing and in aviodance?

Is it that you’ll be hospitalized?

Is it the fear of the unknown?

Is if fear of loosing a child, parent, or friend?

Is it fear of being locked inside and quarantined?

Is it fear of mania and martial law?

Is it fear of death?

Honestly folks.

This is an exceptional time in history to take a break from the mass media and self study to find more inner peace. You will be forced to face your fears at some point in your life. Why not take a break from the drama and get to work. You won’t be able to escape it at some point or another in your lifetime.

This “great work” has been done by countless individuals whom have already faced severe trauma, life-threatening illness, and those whom have had profound dark nights of the soul in reference to spiritual transformative experiences.

This is an opportunity. Take it.

If you don’t know “how” you can contact me or begin to research these subjects on your own.

“You must be willing to loose it all to gain it all.”

~Stephanie MoDavis

You are stronger than you know.

Have a good Friday

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