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Buckle Up: Mark Passio and The Science of Natural Law

Mark Passio is an independent researcher and speaker who focuses on the subjects of natural law, the occult, and self-empowerment. Mark claims that he is actually a de-occultist, sharing deep hidden knowledge that has been exclusively known by what he calls the dark psychologists of the world. He is known for his detailed and lengthy lectures and articles on the subject of natural law and its application to modern society.

Let's call a spade a spade, Mark can display righteous anger. The years I have been learning from Mark's work, I have seen a shift in his attempts to ground that energy, not always succeeding, but he's well aware of it. His anger bout's seem to have inspired many while cultivating a "lite a fire under one's ..." where once there may have been despair, depression, and passive tendencies.

There's not doubt many are shifting in a multitude of ways, seeking to integrate what we all had just lived through. And with the degree of coercion and control that has been imparted around certain regulations, I do see value in Mark's style. There is, in my opinion, an inversion of feminine and masculine energy or extreme tendencies. One that I personally am invested in is the healing and reversal of the overly passive masculine coupled with the angry manipulative feminine. Both of these often unconscious expressions, I find as survival tactics from childhood trauma coupled with conditioning that leaves a hole in the hearts of our authentic power individually, relationally, culturally and spiritually.

Mark has a huge body of work, some of my favorites are his lectures on Natural Law, The Trivium, and his analogical breakdown of all of the Matrix movies exploring the rich symbology throughout.

What is Natural Law?

Natural law is a concept in philosophy and legal theory that holds that certain rights and duties are inherent in human nature and universally applicable to all human beings. It is often contrasted with positive law, which is man-made and specific to a particular society or culture. The idea of natural law dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, and has been influential in the development of Western legal and political thought. Through understanding the principles of Natural Law, humanity can reconnect with our holistic intelligence through our spiritual values coalesced with living in right action within our reality. Mark emphasizes that government is slavery and that it is our own individual responsibility to decondition our limitations. By becoming aware of how the dark psychologists within the military industrial complex and woven into the fabric of many institutions contribute to a matrix which keeps humanity enslaved and the elite in power, mostly under the guise of covert tactics with a claim that it is in our best interest.

"Natural Law is the most fundamental principle of reality. It is the foundation upon which all other laws and principles rest. It is the blueprint for the creation and operation of the universe."

What is the Trivium?