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Explore your Creativity.
Art classes and more

Gradient Fluid

Intuitive Art. Fluid Acrylic Abstract

Stephanie has been passionately pouring acrylics and experimenting with ways to integrate her love of the arts with her life's mission of raising consciousness, self-awareness, and unconditional love.

The art of the "dirty pour" is a method that requires the artist to bypass any notions of perfectionism and instead embrace what life has been teaching us all along. 

That the beauty in life unfolds unlinearly, with mistakes, with trial and error, with accepting what is, as organic beauty. The divine spark of putting in effort, heart, and intention then letting the rest up to the God source.

Art Classes

Explore and reconnect with your creativity


Introductory group or individual classes

For those seeking for a creative outlet and alternate ways to connect with family, friends, or loved ones.

Class is 2 hours and suitable for beginners who may not consider themselves "naturally" artistic.

You may be surprised.


Supplies will be provided.




Contact: for details and pricing





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