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Woke Culture and the Devolution of Progress

In recent years, the concept of "wokeness" has become increasingly prevalent in social and political discourse. This term refers to a heightened awareness of and sensitivity to issues of social justice and equality. While this movement has brought attention to many important issues, there is a growing and obvious concern that the current iteration of woke culture is devolving into a form of intolerance and close-mindedness. While also contributing to rebuild a culture with the foundations of shadow and unintegrated trauma rather than building on healthy 1st principles.

One of the main criticisms of woke culture is that it often operates in black and white terms, with little room for nuance or complexity. This can lead to a reductionist and divisive approach to social issues, as individuals are placed into rigid categories based on their perceived level of awareness or "wokeness." This brings up further nuance of levels of perceptional awareness.

However, the process of "waking up" should not be about creating an us-versus-them mentality or about making judgments about the relative worth of individuals. Rather, it should be a continuous process of self-examination and self-improvement, in which we seek to understand and address our own biases and prejudices. In spiritual circles this is what as known as the process of spiritually awakening. Emphasis on PROCESS. A process that takes time to delayer rather than triggering quick solutions.

This is not to say that issues of social justice and equality are not important. On the contrary, these issues are crucial to creating a more equitable and just society. However, the current spiritual awakening wave, as some have called it, must be more than just a reversal of the woke agenda. True progress can only be achieved if we are willing to commit to a lifelong process of understanding ourselves and becoming better people.

There is scientific evidence to support the idea that true progress and personal growth come from a commitment to ongoing self-improvement. Studies have shown that individuals who engage in activities such as mindfulness meditation or self-reflection are more likely to experience increased well-being and personal growth. Bringing this forth with prevalence would be beneficial in my opinion. For instance, adding eastern practices which often have a focus on the crucial nature of personal responsibility and healing from the inside out. Contrary to our western solution or newtonian approach.

While the concept of "wokeness" has brought attention to important social issues, the current approach of many within the movement has become devolutionary. True progress can only be achieved if we are willing to engage in a lifelong process of self-examination and self-improvement, rather than simply aligning ourselves with certain beliefs or ideologies. By adopting a more nuanced and open-minded approach, we can create a more equitable and just society for all.

If we take a moment to recenter and broaden our perception of what is possible, woke can also be applied to a more personal, inward-focused process of awakening. In this context, spiritual awakening refers to the process of becoming more aware of one's true nature and purpose in life. This can involve a shift in one's perspective and values, as well as a deepening of one's connection to a higher power or sense of meaning. We can build this bridge together.

Spiritual awakening is often described as a process of moving beyond the limiting beliefs and conditioning of the ego, and becoming more attuned to one's true self and the interconnectedness of all things. It can be a challenging and transformative process, as it often involves facing one's own shadows and making difficult changes in one's life.

However, the rewards of spiritual awakening can be significant, as it can lead to a greater sense of purpose, meaning, and inner peace. It can also lead to a greater sense of connection to others and the world around us, as we come to see the inherent value and worth of all beings.

Therefore, spiritual awakening can be seen as a complementary process to the work of social justice and equality. By deepening our own understanding and connection to our true selves, we can better understand and connect with others and work towards creating a more equitable and compassionate world. We can build based off of freedom with a commitment to grow and trouble shoot together. Healthy derives from a sense of personal freedom.

For further information on my personal experience with spiritual awakening return to the blog and you will find articles.

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