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Who is Jonathan Pageau?

In a world dominated by materialism and consumerism, there is a growing search for deeper meaning and purpose in life. Many are turning to spirituality and religion to fill this void, seeking a connection with something greater than themselves.

One person who has gained prominence in this movement is Jonathan Pageau, a Canadian artist, writer, and speaker who has become known for his work on symbolism, mythology, and traditional Orthodox Christianity. Pageau's insights into the deep connections between art, religion, and culture, as well as his emphasis on the importance of symbols and traditional teachings, offer a powerful antidote to the superficiality and materialism of modern life, and provide a framework for a more authentic and meaningful approach to spirituality.

Finding his youtube channel, the symbolic world, was nothing short of a mystical experience. I have found so few who put my experiences into words and Johnathan is one such individual.

**Notably Matthieu Pageau, Johnathan's brother is just as exceptional and feeling provoking. Check out is book, The language of creation.

At the heart of Pageau's work is the concept of logos, which he sees as the divine order and reason that underlies all creation. Drawing on the teachings of Orthodox Christianity, Pageau emphasizes the importance of understanding logos as a key to unlocking deeper levels of meaning and connection with the divine. Johnathan is also a master carver/ iconographer.

Orthodoxy refers to a set of religious beliefs and practices that conform to traditional or established teachings, particularly in Christianity. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in orthodoxy, particularly among younger generations who are seeking a more authentic and meaningful spiritual experience. This is due in part to a growing dissatisfaction with the secularism and materialism of modern society, as well as a desire for a deeper, more grounded approach to faith and spirituality.

Jonathan Pageau's work is a powerful reminder of the deep connections between art, religion, and culture, and the importance of finding meaning beyond materialism. As the search for a more authentic and meaningful spirituality continues, it is likely that the teachings of orthodoxy, as well as the insights of thinkers like Pageau, will continue to gain popularity and influence.

"Symbols are the language that bridges the physical and spiritual worlds. They are the means by which we can access deeper levels of meaning and insight, and connect with something greater than ourselves. In a world that often reduces everything to the material and the superficial, it is more important than ever to recognize the power and importance of symbols in our lives." - Jonathan Pageau

Some online resources to learn more about Jonathan Pageau and his work include his website, The Symbolic World, where he posts articles, videos, and podcast episodes exploring symbolism and Orthodox Christianity, and his YouTube channel, which features a variety of talks and interviews.

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