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The Path of Ego Sacrifice and the Work of Our Time

Dear friends, we stand at a precipice in human evolution, I don't have to ask if you feel it. For humanity to cross the threshold into a coherent model of care, a profound sacrifice is required from each of us. We must surrender the ego or identity that clings to material desires and separate self-interest. Only in relinquishing the unconscious drives or instincts that were running from out lower nature can we birth the higher capacities dormant within the human soul.

This is the esoteric truth: Our light that inspires love and cooperation originates from the creator and the divine cosmic spheres. Earthly life is but a sojourn to reawaken to eternal spirit through inner development that changes our hearts and how we behave with others. However, the temptations of the ego and the senses veil this truth, actually if can feel like a steel door rather than a veil. We wander in delusion, forgetting our spiritual nature which values all life and the planet. Often lost in a miasma of materialistic fixation, addictions, power hierarchy, and "celebrity" distractions often masked as righteousness.

The way back is the renunciation of that which divides and seeks to conquer - replacing greed with generosity, cynicism with faith, hatred with love. Where the ego or lower nature instinct reigns, darkness spreads in the visible and atmosphere. As we work on understanding our own true nature we embody and are capable of holding more balanced light. Light erupts wherever humans allow divine will to transform them. And light and love are the cornerstones of non-egoic service to each other and our planet.

As seekers of the spirit, we must model this by first going out and into our own subterranean initiation. Subduing ego and intellect will guide us toward our higher Self. Ironically this cannot be learned which is extremely complicated and frustrating for an academic or intellectual mind. Let the petty concerns of personality wither away, this can feel like a death. Offer each deed slowly as you gain discernment and atunement consciously. Your sacrifice fuels the rising currents of love needed now.

Stay vigilant, dear friends. Evil manifests where ego moves unchecked. At this time most all of our systems and institutions are riddled with unchecked ego and bias and even pedestaled for it. But the humble and pure of heart generate the redemptive power that defeats this blindness. Such is the grave responsibility we must shoulder.

Take courage! Live to your highest ideals. Merge your life with the heroism of truth. A brighter dawn waits on the other side of this necessary death. Die to your lesser self so your universal Self may be born. With divine help, sacrifice bravely - you light the way for all.

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