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Soul Catalysts, Soul Crushing.

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

If you love life, love, truth, higher-consciousness, and awakening in the world today, you may enjoy this podcast I did last month with my buddy Joe Longo on his inspirational show Inspired Creativity. Click Below

This photo captures and embodies the humility, respect, and duty the pair feels for each other and ultimately the Divine

In this podcast I discuss the concept of Twin Flames.

Here are 5 manifestations of my initial personal experience in the beginning stages.

1. Meeting was highly unanticipated, inconvenient timing, and vastly bewildering to wrap my head around in my mental body. Although my heat and soul were erupting with joy.

2. It is notable to mention that we had met previously - many years prior. There was always an allure for me, but always in a fantastical, magical, and likened to an "ultimate fantasy". The actual "ignition" point or when we recognized the connection, it was years later and as shocking as it seemed to be harmoniously destined.

3. There was an urgent knowing between us both that what was forming, although unknown to us both at the time, felt as though it held great responsibility even beyond what were feeling. It was clear that God had somehow selected us for a unique quest, but forgot to offer us context or the map.

4. There was high polarity - but at the same time many similar likings, tastes, and styles. It was a soul connection from the start, but aspects of how we operated in our physical lives seemed highly opposite. 2 ends of the spectrum in many arenas. Just as hot/cold, light/dark, and black/white. Opposites but highly complimentary with one existing due to the recognition of it's equal and opposite, beautiful alchemy.

5. An immediate concern and magnetism that was undeniable. A feeling that I needed to be close energetically to my twin, and very often. A deep concern for his well-being (mentally, physically, and spiritually), as he unexpectedly and beyond choice, was now a part of me and my life. All of a sudden is was as if my life up to that point was now somewhat secondary to whatever was happening in the higher realms.

Honestly, that was all within the first few weeks after the initial ignition. I will deepen into this unique and beautiful alchemical process another time. If you should have any questions or feel as though you may be experiencing a union of this type, feel free to get in touch with me via my website page. I will say, everything I was drawn to regarding twin flames was intuitive and as I evolved in my journey, any extrinsic guidance I sought out diminished, taking my own

inner guidance as my best teacher.

*final note on this article - This journey is one that was shown to me to be authentic almost immediately. Very little questioning whether this was a valid connection. The inner knowing was undeniable but also unlike anything I had ever experienced or had known. He was in agreement.

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