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Heinz and Rowena Ansbacher: 5 practical tools to begin self analysis

More than ever we are embracing that many if not most of our most pressing issues have some link-in to our past. The stories we create, attach to, and keep alive. Running, whether consciously or unconsciously, within the psyche that contribute to feelings, actions, and ultimately realities.

Simultaneously we now are understanding and exploring how our minds function in terms of intuitive faculties, perceptions, and imagination and how they play a greater role in our lives and can contribute to a greater sense of authentic healing and ultimately well-being or lead to a self demise guised one being a victim to a narrative that may have been a learning lesson one needed to move through and beyond. A conscious life experience, one in which we are cultivating and creating rather than our experiences running predominantly unconsciously. We all have uttered, the phrases "well if I would have known better" or "I'll do it differently next time", or "if I would have known"...

I belief this is an evolutionary next step in our attempts to cultivate healthy community and broadly more aligned aware civilization. When we commit to our inner work as a means to have a direct experience with the skill of delayering and integrating as we go. Opening our inner aperture to which we can be emotionally and mentally prepared for multiple outcomes with less if not any egoic attachment. When we have attachments to self states run in unconscious programming, we are set up to be blindsided, victims, and unprepared mentality rather than being a fully participant with ability to traverse life's unpredictabilities.

If we can make the incredible journey into ourselves, no matter where we may be at or how our life may appear, we can begin to live another life. One that's better, not perfect, simply better.

“WE have two lives; the second begins when we realize we only have one.” -Confucius

Personally, a practice of self analysis has contributed exponentially to my self awareness, continues to point out my bias and blindspots, and cultivated a level of discernment that has been radically beneficial along my healing journey. It is an embraced never ending relationship that I hold with myself as a witness and direct experiencer.

I’d like to highlight works, individuals, and couples whom have contributed so brilliantly to the world of mental health, psychology, and what it means to be an individuated conscious being on a path. Especially the participatory role we play individually and collectively through our thoughts, emotions, and actions. I believe that if we take responsibility to acknowledge, address, reroute, return, and admit our own untruths and historical wounds, we can cultivate the courage to make the necessary shifts where we as humans can operate from a unification of our psyche, spirit, and physicality.