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From Instinct to Consciousness: The Evolution of Life Affirmation

In esoteric philosophy, humanity is understood to have passed through phases of instinctual wisdom, then intellectual reasoning, and now approaching conscious wisdom. As elucidated by spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner, we are evolving from unconscious intuition toward conscious mastery of our higher order capacities.

In humanity’s childhood era, we lived in instinctive harmony with cosmic rhythms. There was an innate sense of connection between inner and outer worlds. Early spiritual traditions arose from this primal mysticism.

But as rationality developed along with a fantasy of left brain dominance hence our focus shifted outward. The intellect analyzed sense phenomena and mastered physical forces, enabling technology and science. Yet this fractured our instinctive inner wisdom. We felt separation from the sacred whole and continue to suffer disconnected from this great unification.

Alienation from divine consciousness led to materialism, greed, and heartless technocracy. However, the intellect has served its purpose, propelling discoveries to improve earthly life. Its light must now merge with the heart's cosmic wisdom. This collective awakening began decades ago and gains momentum every day.

We are crossing the threshold into connecting with the field of conscious awareness. With compassion and creativity, we reintegrate what has been divided – humanity and nature, masculine and feminine, science and spirit. Living thinking, not rote materialism, becomes our ethos.

Academic knowledge will seem lifeless without imagination to awaken its depths. Very quickly we continuing to lose trust in all our institutions.  The head’s cleverness must wed the heart's moral grace. This wave is here and there is no turning back. Our hope is that the unified heart can assist in holding this perspective to reduce the resistance as so many double down in apathy or rage attempting to hold on to what has already expired.

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