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Beyond Materialism: Transforming Ourselves in a New Era

According to esoteric philosopher Rudolf Steiner, humanity is transitioning into a new phase of spiritual consciousness he called the Consciousness Soul age. However, opposite forces Steiner referred to as Ahrimanic seek to keep us trapped in materialistic desires and addictions that inhibit this evolution. With the rise of tech, AI, and out of control addictions to the metaverse,  how can we break free and realize our spiritual connection?

The Great Work of Alchemy. The Reunion of Spirit and Nature

Steiner associated Ahriman with human tendencies toward cold intellect, hyper glorified left hemisphere mechanistic thinking, and greed. Modern society exemplifies these patterns - we seek to dominate nature through technology, reduce living processes to mere chemistry and parts, and turn all goods and even humans into commodities. This fixation on physical reality prevents access to soul qualities like love, empathy, wisdom, creativity and our true potential for healing.

Ahrimanic forces when overcome by the unconscious mind and thoughts,  manifest in addictions to drugs, technology, consumption, social media likes, money, and power. By hardening our hearts to more subtle energies of the soul, they maintain dominance over human consciousness. This ongoing materialism stops us from becoming authentically self aware and potentiating our relationships and communities in a healthy way.

However, Steiner believed we can transform these denser energies through spiritual science - a path of inner development. By practicing and regularly cultivating higher qualities of selflessness, compassion and connecting to consciousness, we choose another path beyond egoic pursuits. Self Inquiry and reflection, connecting with nature, and immersion in right brain activities opens us to inspiration from the the heavenly realms.

We must take responsibility for our inner being, actions, and emotions rather than seeking fulfillment externally, we begin to recognize our parts. According to the Internal Family System model, Richard Swartz discussing how from early on we fragment into parts based in the experience of trauma or conditioning. Only when we identify and give our parts the voice they need is when we can begin to integrate all parts of ourselves into a healthier whole and overcome the Ahrimantic way.

The future depends on each of us overcoming profound internal obstacles and to realize present time. We are not longer in the age of sole materialism. We are alchemizing and realizing our Christ impulse and attending to how consciousness and spiritual connection creates healthy environments. By transforming greed into generosity, intellect into imagination, and consumption into creativity, we build a world where the wars stop and higher order human potentials are realized for all.

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