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5 Reasons to rethink a materialistic worldview: Highlighting Bernardo Kastrup

Updated: Apr 20

I have spent the majority of my life dedicated to the innerstanding of the meta. Metaphysics, spiritual truth, and the abstract nature of reality- the one we have seemingly lost touch with. The very nature and symbology that God is, all around, in all things. But for the last 5 years, I have taken a very different look at the world. I dove, head first, in an attempt to understand the world of matter and specifically the materialist's worldview. I am not an academic or really intellectual by nature. Rather, my journey has been comprised of vast experiences that have continually drawn me deeper into the heart of my life, here and beyond, and it's been anything but "academic" in nature.

I have come up with one thing exploring the cartesian model of reality. It's interesting, heady, rational, deep in other ways, and often involves a weak spot for me, glasses. But more often has left me yearning for...well, the mystery. So much certainty gave me a bit of the blues. All of the fundamental qualities, where I feel most alive and connected, seem to be something that one must actively search for in a world of compartments and fragments. And you can get lost rather quickly and some fail to emerge from such black holes.

It was time for me to rehabilitate my true self and find a way out of the hole and emerge back into that alluring sensory nature that I thrive in. Back to wholeness, the heart, nature, and God. A field where we are seeking to reconnect our parts back into a space of love and alignment.

I have found a bunch of intriguing, mostly men, who seem to be in a similar space and time. I view it as the "academic awakening."

I couldn't be more titillated by the witness and precise articulation these men have. And the shear bravery to stand and speak in the face of a culture in such disarray. Especially of anything outside of a field comfort zone.

We are traveling over a digital spectrum, back to a place I have once been. It's a pleasure to be seen and understood.

Bernardo Kastrup is one is these fellow travelers. This is from a recent youtube video Bernardo made discussing the 5 reasons, according to him, why materialism is baloney.

  1. It's internally inconsistent