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Go Beyond Your Story
"Gentle Pathways to A New You: An 8-Week Journey"

By Stephanie MoDavis

In my experience, an 8-week commitment to yourself via self reflection, gentle yoga, mindfulness, energy mapping, and breathwork can be a powerful catalyst for positive change. It's not a magic cure-all, but rather a supportive faith based practice that can complement other aspects of your health regimen. As you nurture this mind-body connection, you may find yourself better equipped to navigate the challenges of overwhelm, life change, and illness events with a greater sense of balance, resilience, and overall well-being.

Join me live.

Online and In-person

Group and Private sessions

Next online course begins September 1st. 

For more information email

1:1 Private Session

This is a 60 minute - tell me your story call.

Be prepared so we can get as much addressed as possible. The more truth you can access the more we can accomplish. You can feel free to be yourself.

Zoom or Phone.

Connect to fill out application

Abstract Purple Glitch
Spheres and Rings

Sacred Union Process
6-week immersion

This is a personalized and private immersion for those ready to dive deep into self recognition and lay the foundation for a healthy relationship with your big "S"  inner self and soul.

Once per week, 75 minute sessions.

Here we embark into a personalized plan tailored for you and where you desire to go.

This includes more than just our calls.

There is additional homework, readings, journaling and more. 

*1 week reschedule if urgent; otherwise this is immersive intentionally. Sessions have structure yet also leave room for intuitive occurrences on both ends. Recognize soul work is mental, physical, and emotional. Choose your times wisely. Try to come as relaxed as possible

Connect to fill out application

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