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Healing and realization is not just an experience, it is a suble understanding and awareness


The Completion Process

 beyond the knife

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit supporting Organ Transplant Survivors, Donors, and Families, post-transplant.

A Mind, Body, Spirit Approach 


Navigating and thriving with life post-transplant can be a multi-layered and day to day experience. Often the elation we feel and gratitude we experience coalesced with periods of grief, anxiety, depression, and even PTSD.


Beyond the Knife, a 501(c)(3), aims to provide out of the box resources, education, and offerings to assist in thriving and balancing the challenges that accompany the post-transplant process.

"It's time to get REAL to HEAL"


For media inquiries, press mentions, sessions, mentorships, collaborations, or just to say hey, contact: 



Our vision and mission is to provide integrative transformational guidance to patients and donors to re-incorporate and integrate back into life after the often arduous journey to surgery.


The Completion Process, beyond the knife, was created in 2018 by 2-time kidney recipient Stephanie MoDavis. Stephanie's passion and career in spiritual health & wellness, (which addressed the body, mind, and spirit complex) was what she attributed to her positive integrated lifestyle prior, during, and post-process while battling auto-immunity alongside kidney failure.


As fortunate and blessed to receive the gift of life, not once but twice, both times to her amazement required a rather challenging integration process back into life. The first transplant received at 29, after 10 years battling debilitating Systemic Lupus, she found it very challenging to enter life again. She received the “gift of life” but then found it almost as mindbending to figure out what now the following illness for her entire 20’s. Years behind most of her friends, college drop out, no career as her job was to stay alive mostly during that time, unable to bear children, and very little financial resources to even enter back into some normalcy in life.


Her second transplant was very different. She had 12 wonderful years with her first transplant and had time to establish her career as a Yoga and Spiritual Advisor which blossomed organically after her first transplant.

Low and behold, she once again hardship following #2, at 40 years old.  Once again she found herself on a profound post-healing journey to re-integration. Beyond the body as her prior experience assisted in this matter, this time mastering her psychology and emotions around the process of chronic illness and transplant.











The Completion Process was the genesis of combining her experiences in healing the body post-transplant #1, then incorporated mastering the emotional process around authentic healing and transformation after transplant #2.

She has been working in the field of mindfulness and health while combining integrative transformational coaching during her years operating a Yoga Studio/Wellness center for the past 15 years.


Her goal is to provide these tools and programs she developed for herself in addition to the wellness centers out into the community she has the most commonality with. She diligently and intentionally mastered her own journey and now wants to share what so profoundly helped her transformation and create the life she always knew was waiting for her!


“Personally, the journey after transplant was just as difficult but in a completely different way. I had to relearn how to live and create a new life each time. The surgery was the initiation to my new journey.”



She passionately believes that the hospital setting and surgery (albeit a life-sustaining and essential part of the process), is only half of the healing journey. Transplantation is a life-changing event and deserves a holistic approach in dealing with such a transformation. The process, for most of us, includes and is not limited to;



These simplified 3 stages affect the recipient, the donor, and the families involved. We ALL experience challenge and transformation during this complex often lengthy process


1.PRE-TRANSPLANT - Declining health which leads to a reduction and change in lifestyle for the patient affecting not only the patient but the family and support system as well.  Jobs, responsibilities, and ways are ways of living often compromised and can become debilitating.  This puts not only physical demands on the patient and support system, but mental and emotional as well. 

We all have different forms of support around us ~ family, friends, finances, resources, institutions, etc…and each case is as unique as each of us. Some are lucky as have great help and support, others not so lucky and often have to go greatly out of their comfort zone to find the necessary help they require. Some even go through it mostly alone or with a single "helper".




2. THE HOSPITAL PHASE - The next primary phase is the hospital phase. During this time, the institution takes over and is in full care of the patient. That said, often we as patients are left with lingering questions or stress that goes beyond what we are offered in the hospital. The stress can surmount and fear,  beyond belief for everyone involved. It is a bi-polar state and requires an individual to face their own fears of death as they undergo such a complex and risky surgery to embrace life again. If there is a living donor, stressful feelings can arise as they show concern for the well-being of the gracious donor. If it is a deceased donor, it is not uncommon to face “transplant guilt”. A phenomenon that occurs when there is a realization that someone had to perish for you to survive.


*NOTE, I am addressing the often behind the scenes feelings we can feel during this process, obviously, there are all the responsibilities as the hospital addresses the physical conditions and individual setbacks and challenges. I very much want to work together with the institutions and understand complicitly that their role is paramount.




3. THE RE-INTEGRATION PHASE AND NEW LIFE  - We ALL have different experiences but more than often we face similar feelings, and for some, re-entering life can be overwhelming. The reality and surprise as the tangible reality kicks in fully that-life is different. For some, we find new passions, priorities, careers, and even friends. We find that often we must completely "Begin Again" but now by implementation wisdom and driven by a sense of higher purpose. Not to mention the obviousness of facing the tangible responsibilities of day to day life living with a transplant.




This foundation is dedicated to empowering the patient to go beyond their perceived limitations. To offer guidance- to not isolate yourself and pray for a means to an end, but to embrace the process with as much clarity, authentic support, and transformational guidance as possible. It doesn't have to be a struggle. It is a struggle enough to be on this journey physically.



Services are offered for the patients and primary care-takers (as their role is crucial and often just as challenging in a different way).

All offerings are geared towards reducing stress and how to tap into your transformational abilities around navigating the process of transplantation. Gaining a “higher perspective” while empowering the patient to feel all the feelings and discover the inner strength within that can assist in ease of a very complex process.


Stephanie's approach is holistic in nature. The "complete" process. Addressing the body, mind, and spirit. This means she leaves all the medical up to the professionals. She comes in with her approach of addressing the deeper aspects of awareness, mindfulness, and transformational guidance that has helped her thrive and inspire receiving after 2 kidney transplants.


It is her mission to see more patients comprehend from a higher perspective what they have been through and how the once life or death process may have opened new possibilities for a fuller life than ever imagined prior. Her goal is to empower patients so there is an ongoing support system to uplift our community!




Navigate the change with understanding, awareness, deep feelings, truth, expression, vulnerability, grace, and intention.


There are ups and downs. High highs often triggered by low lows. And they all can be addressed and shared openly.


Let's allow the transformation to guide us to become a living legacy of hope, faith, and perseverance!




"Nothing happens TO you, it happens FOR you."


You can do this.



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