Stephanie MoDavis

    It is my life's mission to bridge the gap and assist in the current collective awakening process.  Offering  guidance and support to de-condition old belief systems and habitual patterns that unconsciously keep us blocked or stuck in our health, relationships, and career.


    To deepen our understanding to create an inner wisdom as to why our paths get tangled or derail. Without this valuable wisdom we are unable to evolve in an ever growing world. There are no mistakes in life and when we begin to bring the unconscious to light and reprogram we can progress and uplevel with more ease, connection, and alignment.


    It's time to re-align and connect with your higher self and purpose. Learning to thrive with optimum health (whatever that may look like for you), wellness, relationship, and purpose.

    "You're life doesn't happen TO you, it happens FOR you"
























    Early Life

    Stephanie recognized her connection to spirit at a very early age. As an empath holding the healer archetype, she battled several childhood traumas that she recognized later as her  “initiations”. She cared deeply for others in her early life without  proper recognition and regard for her own health and wellness until her giving became disease. In her late teens she began her process with autoimmunity. She was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus at 21.


    By 25, her kidneys had failed after 4 years battling Lupus and she began a 3 year journey on hemo-dialysis. She experienced her first “spiritual awakening” during this time, which was where the unconsciousness came to light, mostly in her moments where she feared and felt death close by.  If her life's mission was to assist others, she needed self-mastery of her indigo/empathic sensitivities. By 29 she had received her 1st kidney transplant at Johns Hopkins Hospital through the incompatible kidney transplant program.  She was highly influenced by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss, Yogananda, Louise Hay, Babaji, Jesus, Ramana Maharshi, and Swedenborg during this time. She began writing and exploring her own battle with illness and where the condition stemmed from deep in her own life and her ancestry. She was able to look into her past and discover why and how her own illness manifested and how to heal past familial trauma that hindered her well-being even in the most difficult moments.


    She continued to delve into her journey through the continuation of her studies which included yoga, theology, hermetic philosophy and the study of right living, quantum physics and healing, the comparison and integration of science and metaphysics, ecology and environment, the evolution of human consciousness, transformational studies, alternative medicine, energy medicine, and alchemy. 

    She experienced a profound “ambush awakening” in 2015 after re-uniting with her authentic twin soul in the physical. This put her on the fast track to her own personal ascension/growth journey.  She since has been fiercley dedicated to her optimim healing process and realization to be of the best possible assistance to others.

    Her mission is to reduce needless struggling and to assist in the process of shining light on subconscious blocks and limiting conditioning.  By bringing awareness, one can move thru unconscious patterning to uplift and enlighten into destiny and the life you deserve and came here to embody.

    Due to the nature of the Twin Flame Template, she is passionate about teaching the concept of conscious connections.  Part of her mission is facilitaing thru classes, online sessions, and workshops to guide individuals regarding how to spiritually mature in current relationship or attract a healthy soulmate.  She assists in the great awakening of the "Authenic" Feminine/Masculine Template by leading classes entailing what it actually means to embody this new paradim of conscious sustained connection. 


     She is eternally grateful for all the great pain and suffering she endured, the magnificent and enlightening teachers to cross her path, her twin soul, and her own warrior spirit, so she could discover her gift of alchemizing the dark into the light and how to traverse the shadows with grace.

     She bows at the feet of god for the gift of "the mission"




    Stephanie is currently a passionate speaker, facilitator, teacher, transformational guide and writer in the fields of spirituality, energy medicine/chakra balancing, personal growth, empowerment, self-realization, thriving and identifying roots of illness, yoga & meditation, divine partnerships and creating and sustaining conscious relationships. She speaks the language of the soul and is  honored to hold the mirror so you can become aware of your own fullest potential.


    Stephanie established YogaMos Healing Sanctuary in 2010 and recently opened her second location, Urban Yoga and Spiritual Center in Allentown, PA.  Urban Yoga is a wellness and healing center focusing on meditation, yoga, spiritual awakening, ascension, new relationship paradigm, and community outreach.


    She is also an advocate for organ donation, lupus awareness, kidney disease, and the power of spiritual well-being as a means to heal past or present trauma that may contribute to current conditions, mentally, emotionally, or physically.

    A forever student of the science of right living and the ancient wisdom principles, her hope is to enhance the quality of life of all beings  who seek, search, and desire unity consciousness. To assist in de-fragmentation and promote alignment with the natural laws of source, God, the infinite.

    A true humanitarian missionary.