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Whatever hardship you may be having, may just be the path to your awakening




Stephanie MoDavis considers herself a metaphysician, guide, and a true friend. Her ability to tap into innate deep systemic entanglements while creating a plan forward never loosing the  transcendent qualities is rooted in overcoming great unforeseen tragedy, illness, and pain. Always leaning into the struggle rather than bypassing or running, she continued to purify her thinking.

She currently is creating platforms that accelerate consciousness in the realm of personal awakening and how that effects all we do.  Our ability to integrate and embody will determine how we proceed in our future. She specifically is interested in building self aware systems, in particular how we perform healthcare systemically.



She has founded multiple foundations and continues to assist in sharing her unique awareness that she envisions will be incorporated into our healthcare of the future.

Find Stephanie's contributions and work at:

Transplant 2.0




The Peer Mentor Hand book

The Emotional Aspects of Transplant: A New Perspective


There are no mistakes in life and when we begin to bring the unconscious to light and reprogram we can progress with more ease, connection, and alignment.

 "You're life doesn't happen TO you, it happens FOR you"
























What holds weight over your understanding holds weight over your freedom -I. Kufyev


Personal Memoir  ~Stephanie recognized her connection to spirit at a very early age. As an unintegrated "empath" (one who can deeply feel emotional states)  holding the healer archetype, she battled several childhood traumas that she recognized later as her  “initiations” and much of the reason she had this attuning.  Lacking the emotional literary of how we create survival strategies that can mimmic "abilities", she cared deeply for others in her early life without  proper recognition and regard for her own health and wholeness.  Her giving and feeling became disease in her late teens as she began her process with autoimmunity. She was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus at 21.


By 25, her kidneys had failed after 4 years battling Lupus and she began a 3 year journey on hemo-dialysis. She experienced her first “spiritual awakening” during this time, which was where the unconsciousness came to light, mostly in her moments where she feared and felt death close by.  If her life's mission was to assist others, she needed self-mastery and to awaken to our innate transcendent qualities while holding ground. By 29 she had received her 1st kidney transplant at Johns Hopkins Hospital through the incompatible kidney transplant program.  She was highly influenced by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss, Margeurite Porette, St. Teresa of Avila, Miranda MacPherson,Yogananda, Louise Hay, Babaji, Ramana Maharshi, Ram Dass, Emmanuel Swedenborg, and of course Jesus during this time. She began writing and exploring her own battle with illness and where the condition stemmed from deep in her own life and her ancestry. She was able to look into her past and discover why and how her own illness manifested and how to heal past familial trauma that hindered her well-being even in the most difficult moments.

To the sparse healthcare practitioners with whom I was able to connect with our higher selves, this work is dedicated to you. The potentials of humanity and healing lie within our healthcare systems awakening to this very process.


She continued to seek,  furthering her studies which included yoga, meditation, and the study of right living under natural law.  Healing her masculine and feminine ancestral wounding and societal conditioning through reparenting herself and integrating healthy psychology amongst the sexes was crucial. She was inspired by an eclectic diverse group of thinkers, mentally fit men, to help guide her masculine integration which included but was not limited to;  Ian Mcgilchrist,  Jordan Peterson, Eric Weinstein, Joscha Bach, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Rupert Spira, Ken Wilber,  Sheldon Soloman, Tesla, Tobias Lars, Bishop Baron, Mark Passio, Walter Russell, Will Rogers, Donald Hoffman, Jonathan and Matthieu Pageau, Billy Rood and  Dr. Robert Montgomery, a catalyst and friend. Together they share a sacred friendship forged through shared healing, enlightenments, and emergent insights of evolutionary principles.

These individuals, in her opinion, truly dance between the parallels of ethos and the logos which she finds particularly delightful.  This energy was crucial in assisting to ground and implement Stephanie's ideas and abstact concepts into a language and format that could be translated and understood. She understands this to be the divine nature, power, and potenial of creation by integrating  the masculine and feminine energy, otherwise known as hemi-sync, brain awakening, and tapping into the field of higher consciousness where a union that births creation is evident.

Disheartened with the divide and conquer or separation tactics being played out amongst the world stage, she decided to settle in the middle.  Raising awareness regarding how 2 ends of a spectrum are teetering on similar concepts, one from an experiential vantage point the other from a quantitative analytical scientific lens, specifically in fields of healthcare and healing.

 Quantum physics and quantum healing, science and true spirituality, plant medicine and organic emergence of consciousness , 

  bio-engineering and nature all were brought to the surface with no real findings as to why these modalities weren’t attempting to collaborate with greater effort. We are at the beginning of a new epoch and it's always a bit awkward at first as we develop enough to see through egos and socratically embrace the new paradigm together, even if seemingly from polarized fields.

All the questions and seeking led to the realization that life is so much bigger than us and even our struggles. She recognized this was the critical time of choice. This all culminated into releasing the sense of  excessive seeking, being reborn, again,  into the simplicity of oneness with the "absolute" 

All change begins within.


She is eternally grateful for all the great pain and suffering she endured, the magnificent and enlightening teachers to cross her path, God, and her own warrior spirit, so she could discover her gift of alchemizing the dark into the light and how to traverse the shadows with grace.


 She bows at the feet of God for the gifts of life and service

Become the healthy loving honest observer and experiencer.


"I know I expressed this, but you are just a gift. I am glad I trusted my inner guidance along my path of finding my spiritual mentor. Our sessions are resonant and ripple and I trust this guidance implicitly. I am choosing to take care of myself, let go of what's not for me and "be" in the now every moment. 

J. Gold.  CEO and Stratigist Gold Real Estate 

“Stephanie by far is one of the most unique teachers I have ever experienced. Her process has a way of leading deep without dissociation. I have not met anyone who grounds and incorporates the spiritual teachings as she does. I hands down recommend her to everyone on the jourey.

M. Marshall 

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